Use cases

For those who are living in foreign county ! (like me :-) )Actually, I'm living in Finland. And there are so many information only available in Finnish.
Most letters, invoices, labels, guides, books are in Finnish.
Before I develop CamLingual, I input all character one by one to computer to translate using Google translator. That is just a boring task.
With CamLingual, you can just take a picture of paper, letter, labels and translate.

For those who are studying foreign language !
Reading stories is one of the basic way to learn language.
But, sometimes, most time is just to looking for dictionary, and even difficult to use dictionary in some language.
With CamLingual, you can understand abstract of the story. So you can go through more materials.

For those who are traveling to foreign countries !
There are many signs, posters, marks, ads, newspapers in the town.
With CamLingual, you can easily understand abstract what is written.

For those who are communicating with foreigners !
If you have personal friends or business partners who are using other language, CamLingual can help communications .